Goddess, are you ready for your love life to glow?

You have a successful career and amazing friendships, but there's one thing missing-love. The emotional roller coaster of dating is so exhausting. The thought of going on another first date automates eye rolls. The mundane conversations are predictable and boring. All of the false starts and situationships are a thing of the past. You've heard it all before and fell for the charming lies. Your skeptical ears crave a genuine mate. Your heart's wondering where they are.

The hopeless romantic in you constantly gambles on love. That passion inside is searching for the real love you know you deserve. You realize they're out there and are receptive to a serious relationship with a vetted companion. Our coaching polishes your glow and gets you ready for your long -term partner. Let our matchmaking clear the path to love.

Who is this for?
Is this for me?

A goddess who has had times of giving up on love and doubted they will encounter someone different. A women who disputes her worth but does not want to lose her identity in a relationship. You’re a person who wishes to be confident in dating without having to question her insecurities (or the authenticity of the possible life partner you are yet again going out to meet). A woman that’s scared to be vulnerable again and let your wall down. 

Goddess, you desire someone who matches your hustle.

Who will you find here

You’ll find your inner goddess here and be pushed to show up as HER in all your dating.

You’ll see handpicked candidates carefully selected to align with your interests t endorse the goddess in you. Our members are professional, open-minded, and intelligent as they come. They are willing to entice a beautiful goddess like you. The  members aren’t afraid to invest in love and welcome hat you have to offer. They are excited to indulge in everything from in-depth conversations to planning the future. 

Our members are no stranger to romance and will treat you like the goddess you are. Our funny members know how to put a smile on your face and will comfort you on the tough days. They are healthy, responsible and dependable – what more could you ask for? Our members are not your average and check all your boxes. They’re not intimidated by an ambitious woman. They will impress you and make you believe in love again. Your partner will admire your renewed and bold life. 

Our matchmaker and relationship expert prioritizes love and is enthusiastic about unveiling what fits the authentic you. Our dating expert aids women to manifest a true vision for their prospective relationship.

If you are about ALL goddess and NO games - this is the place for you!

Why Glow Your Goddess Here

It’s your time to shine! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. In her therapy practice Joy has seen too many matches go left, but also witnessed several that went right. She has the recipe for the secret sauce to drizzle on your love life to spice it up. She has a particular technique to fitting personalities and recognizes qualities within each person to mesh their goals perfectly – you’re in good hands. She pays close attention to your preferences as she leads you on your dating journey. 

From consultation/relationship strategy sessions to confidence coaching, she’s got you covered. She’ll refine your glow for your full date set up. She cheers you on before your date and can’t wait to follow up with you afterwards. You’re never alone and she’s just one call away. 

A dating coach enhances your understanding of yourself and is capable of assessing what you need the most. Rest assured, she boosts your spirit for a positive experience. She prepares you with realistic expectations and leaves you with glow up guidelines for dating to use instantly. Stop settling for less and acknowledge your worth. Join me on the mission and let’s find your soulmate today!

3 Areas are addressed in the Glow Your Goddess Journey

Discover Your Goddess Glow

In this consultation, you are introduced to your dating coach and discuss a relationship strategy in the session. We dissect your wish list and must-haves to gain a better idea of who you are. It’s essential that you’re honest with yourself and your coach to learn more about your obstacles. We dig into who were great choices and who were not a good fit. Throughout this method, we develop a tailored plan to determine your ideal match.

Thrive In Your Goddess Flow

Your matchmaker is by your side on this excursion as you enjoy the adventures of dating. You’ll have ongoing coaching to reassure that you’re using the proper tactics to fuel better partnerships. The matchmaker is your cheerleader, your friend, and confidant.

Connect With Your Goddess Joy

Here’s the fun part. You’ve met and had a wonderful vibe. Now you will build a foundation for your relationship and maintain healthy communication with the support of the dating coach. After your initial date, your coach helps you cultivate the bond and keep the spark alive.

Within our guided journey, a goddess will know who she is and where she really glows in her own story and in the world. This goddess will not be afraid to ask for what she needs and wants as she will feel confident she deserves it This goddesses vibration will be raised to a level to also attract others at this same vibration. This goddess will be an empowered dater and not feel like she’s being taken for another ride. This goddess will be able to let go of what was in her previous chapters, not bringing an old energy into a new relationship, and flourish in her present moments. 

Clarity, confidence, connection are the result of our work together

What Members Have To Say...

They are confident that you will love her too and here's why..

The Matchmaker & Joyful Goddess Expert

Joy, the Joyful Goddess expert, is a dating coach, matchmaker, speaker, and author, who dedicated her life to serving women in transitions from old relationships with themselves and others.


Joy earned a master’s degree from Barry University, with dual specialties in marriage, family, and couples therapy and mental health counseling. After training as a life coach and receiving individual intensive intuitive healing training, she pledged to do her work the Joy B. way. That route led her to launching her private practice, as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, in Florida.


Her work advanced as she observed women’s progress. Joy continues to enrich more approaches to reach the goddess in every woman she greets. She urges them to flourish their glow in their clarity, confidence, and connection. The consistent transformations motivated Joy to activate the Glow Your Goddess movement and take the healing outside of the office, making it available to women around the world.


Joy has revealed her ideas with thousands of women, through workshops, retreats, webinars, speaking, and now, through writing. She is the author of “Why Won’t He Call?: Empowering You to Glow Your Goddess in Your Relationships”. She is elated to contribute her coaching style with you to illuminate your glow!!


All Goddess, No Games

It’s time to glow up! Stop entertaining meaningless motives and step into the arms of a qualified suitor. Kick off your Pumas and slide on the stilettos to walk on Lover’s Lane. Say goodbye to the dating game and hello to commitment. Be a brave goddess and reward yourself through self-respect. Bask in your glow as your beau proves to you what love is all about.

Not Quite Ready for the Leap?

For My Self Study Sista's:
A Guide to Dating Like a Goddess

Filled with the steps to your glow up, I’ve created a guide to keep glowing your goddess in your relationships. 

You no longer want to be in the dark while dating. What you want is to be an empowered dater. By focusing on all that you bring to the table in relationships, you take back your power and begin NOW to date like a goddess. This starts and ends with you.

You are meant to be able to clear the path for the right partner to show up, taking you from a space of always wondering to an assured confidence that you are supported, seen and loved for the woman you know you are. Why Won’t He Call? will be everything you need to glow your goddess in any relationship.

If You're ready to glow up in your dating and relationships the way you glow in your career and passions, let's get started today!

Ready to glow up in your dating life? Let’s get started today!

Check out how we can customize a service that fits you.

Learn how we can customize a service that fits you.

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Look no further. Your Goddess awaits!

We deliver the ultimate matchmaking service for insightful, prosperous, and fascinating clients. As an exclusive member, you’ll have the opportunity to have the premier access to singles events and featured at the top of our list as potential dates. We prefer our members to have a cool sense of humor, be honest, and most of all, seeking a committed relationship. Our members are dependable, trustworthy, and courteous. We like our members to be engaging but is retired from playing games. Our matchmaker has proven results to pair you with an intriguing goddess who shares similar values.

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